John L(non-registered)
Your photos are a joy to look at. From beautiful scenery, plants, flowers, animals, night skies to astronomical events. I can see that those are the fruits of your mastery in photography, its composition, and good eyes to identify the outstanding or unique aspect of the situation, the patience to catch the right moment, the time to process and select the photos and post them to your website.
Hope to see more of your great photos
your photography is amazing, thanks for sharing, Please continue
Cynthia Hadley(non-registered)
Sue - thanks so much for the link to your pictures. Ireland is so beautiful and you captured it so well. Can't wait to see it again
Anne Conboy(non-registered)
Gorgeous pictures of. Ireland! Makes me really want to go back.
Robert & Mary Matli(non-registered)
Hi, Susan & So! Thanks for the card and the link to your blog! The photos are amazing!! Congratulations on your second grandson! Cynthia looks so beautiful in her wedding photos!
Uncle To(non-registered)
A most Awesome photos blog ...
Pam Swearingen(non-registered)
stunning photos!
Chris Swearingen(non-registered)
Beautiful stuff! Keep em coming. Definitely look forward to more.
Nice photos! Are they for sale!
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